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Easy-Cheesy Potato Pancakes

I can’t believe I had never had these delicious left-over alternatives before meeting my husband. This was a staple leftover meal made from mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving and Christmas for him and his family. I tried out my own rendition after this last Thanksgiving and […]

Quick & Easy DIY Update for Tree Ornaments

Throughout the last couple of years, from random ornament purchasing, the adornment to hang the ornament to the tree with has had many looks.  I’ve purchased wire ornament hooks that didn’t seem to last, and have even gone as classy as using paper clips to […]

Day-of Master Planner Template for any Event

Alright folks – here it is, the mother of all day-of-event master planner templates! I created this detailed itinerary for my wedding in May 2010 and {although people thought I was a little nuts awesome} it made the day go very smoothly – and I was able to be totally hands-off so that I could focus on enjoying all the little details of my wedding day!


This template is a Word document, and is geared towards the details of a wedding, but you can edit it as needed to use it as it fits your timeline needs for any event. I also have an area for any pre-event day details and also for clean up/tear down. {I got you covered}.

Please enjoy this template {Day-of Event Timeline Template – free for the love of your sanity} and pass it along to anyone planning an event! Please leave a comment below letting me know how it helped you and if you would rather see anything changed! Also comment below letting me know if other event planning tools would be useful!

How do I give 100% to everyone?

Wow – we just passed the 6 month mark with our beautiful baby girl Madison, and there is so much to reflect on. For some reason, the 6 month mark was a really big deal to me. I almost wanted to throw a party! {I […]

Location, location, location!

Location – the perfect setting, the great view of the mountains, the sea-breeze and epic sunset, the farm in the background…whatever setting you are envisioning to make your event perfect, there are going to be a few key things to consider before you book your […]