Thank you Holly Butcher

Oh man, heyyyyy everybody!! I’d like to tell you all that I made a new year’s resolution to blog more and even scheduled it into my calendar, but to be honest, nope that didn’t happen. And I seem to only blog when I get inspiration. […]

To the mom I went all “mama bear” on

Today my mama bear came out. It was one of the moments that I was silently preparing for as I watched my son go towards a boy who was already showing aggression over some toys in an open play area. A boy who we were […]

Throwing out all the books

I love research. I Google everything. Read the articles. Check-out the books from the library. Talk to friends. Join the forums. Knowledge is power. Power is control. Control means nothing can phase me. Right? Here’s the thing. Control is fear. Fear of failure, fear of […]

Scroll Mileage

Why is it when we have so much to do (clean the house, organize a room, sift through clutter) or so many things we should be doing (sleeping, eating, showering) or even when we have something we may want to do (read, binge watch a […]

15-20 Minutes

One of the main things that has been helping me through my PPD and anxiety is to take a daily break when my husband gets home. I’m not always good at taking the 15-20min break, because there is always something needing to be done, but […]