I did it. I did my first “Ikea hack”. I have a strong dislike towards the little counter space I have in my kitchen. We have a large footprint of kitchen space with an annoying layout and limited countertop area. One of the biggest items on the counter, was the beautiful, wonderful, glorious Keurig. I love this machine. It brightens my day. But it needed to move. I was getting annoyed with how much space it took up, and… Read more »

Oooh there is nothing like finding a great deal at a garage sale, antique mall, or good old Craigslist and refinishing it to look AWESOME! I have been loving the look of the distressed, white bottom, dark-wood top, farmstyle dining tables and thought I could do that to this pine set of coffee and side tables I had purchased at a garage sale for $25 the year before.   This was another power tool {insert Tim Allen man-bark – did… Read more »

As I continue to learn how to decorate, update and use pieces of home decor, there is one thing that I have learned I gravitate towards – bedding. Specifically pillows, but that is soon becoming a thing of the past, since the hubbs is putting the hammer down on my pillow obsession {men – they just don’t get it!} One of my recent finds was a gorgeous duvet cover and matching pillow covers! When I grabbed it at the store,… Read more »

Our one big project this summer that we had to complete this year or the house will disintegrate {or so my husband made it feel} was painting the exterior of our house. I will admit that the house was due and a fresh paint job would benefit all of us, so I was game. Let me tell you a little secret about myself – I have paint color commitment phobia. So what color to paint the house felt like the… Read more »

I would be pretty confident to say that I would bet that 9/10 households out there have that one space that everything drops at. Mail, bags, bills, important documents, homework, toys, notes, etc. For my house, this is the kitchen island area. Our kitchen is 70s, like most of the rest of our house, and has an oddly small island with a killer built-in Jenn-Aire cooktop {I call it killer not because it’s killer (cool) but killer (we don’t use… Read more »