House Projects

Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

The plague that is toddler eating utensils and supplies had officially taken over my kitchen. I could not. handle. it. any. longer. So I did what any sensible adult would do and I went to The Container Store. OK, this may come as a shock […]

Creating a functional playroom when you don’t have the space

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home that has multiple rooms that allow you to separate kid stuff from the adult stuff? Some of you may be fortunate enough to have this, but we do not! So, when you need to get creative – […]

Christmas Decor

Ahhh Scrooge!! I meant to post this¬†much earlier in the month, but became distracted {duh!} so 7 days before Christmas will have to do…. For all of those that are still seeking Christmas decor inspiration {anyone? No??} or are just curious as to what I […]

4 Room Decor Update for Under $150

I have had some pieces and areas in the house that I have been keeping in mind as I was out and about that needed decor and storage items, but I never felt whatever I was grabbing was cohesive aesthetically {such big words}. I spoke […]

Pinterest University

I am obsessed with cute house decor, but I must admit {and hopefully it isn’t that¬†obvious} I am not naturally good at home design, home decor, and creating new things. I am, however, a great student and I love to learn and research things that […]