This summer has been AWESOME in Washington state! The weather has been really great and we have been trying to jam-pack the fun in while we have free time aside from working. Not the easiest task! I went to my annual family reunion this past weekend, which is held at a public park on a lake. It was a lot of fun and Madi was ready to explore the whole area. I didn’t get to visit as much as I… Read more »

I would be pretty confident to say that I would bet that 9/10 households out there have that one space that everything drops at. Mail, bags, bills, important documents, homework, toys, notes, etc. For my house, this is the kitchen island area. Our kitchen is 70s, like most of the rest of our house, and has an oddly small island with a killer built-in Jenn-Aire cooktop {I call it killer not because it’s killer (cool) but killer (we don’t use… Read more »

One of the posts that I had been excited to post about, was how we updated {the one and only room so far in our house} from a very outdated 70s decor room, to our precious little bundle’s gorgeous and calming nursery. Here was the room before – a complete blank slate. We had already taken off all of the icky brown trim and brown closet doors. {Don’t mind the dog photo-bombs}     Here we are, I’m large and… Read more »

It’s that time of year again for appetizers {or is it always time for appetizers?} with the big NFL game coming up, ya know, Super Bowl?! I have a few appetizer recipes that I like to make because; a.) They are simple, b.) They are quick, and c.) They are of course delicious and always crowd pleasers. My absolute favorite thing to make are Pretzel Turtle’s. Or so I have named them. Quick, easy, addicting. {Ingredients} Square pretzels Rolos Pecans… Read more »

In trying to remain more organized, I thought that adding a cute entry table to our house would create a space that was welcoming as well as functional for a quick “drop” location. My husband was out at a local thrift shop that was having a 50% off all furniture sale and spotted a pine-colored table that he thought I would like {applause for him!} Again, I’m awwwwful at taking before pictures {I promise I will start to do better}, so I… Read more »