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Little M’s Nursery


One of the posts that I had been excited to post about, was how we updated {the one and only room so far in our house} from a very outdated 70s decor room, to our precious little bundle’s gorgeous and calming nursery. Here was the room before – a complete blank slate. We had already taken off all of the icky brown trim and brown closet doors. {Don’t mind the dog photo-bombs} IMG_20130112_143004   IMG_20130112_143013   IMG_20130112_143016 Here we are, I’m large and in charge, waiting to get started on her room! Sorry that these aren’t the best before pictures {I’ve come to realize I’m awful at taking before pictures!}


I have a slight obsession with gray. I think the trend of gray and white is great. You would think that I should hate gray, being surrounded by it in our daily weather, but that is so not the case! The saga of picking the gray for the nursery is a story that will always be remembered. Who knew picking out gray paint could be so hard?

I went to the local home improvement store and spent a good hour or so with the paint department discussing the different shades of gray {no pun intended}. I’m serious – there are gray’s with brown undertones, green, blue, purple, etc. After looking at multiple samples in different light {shade, outdoors, under a light, in the dark…} I picked what I thought was perfect {the middle one on the left}. IMG_20130115_190711 I bought two cans of the expensive no-VOC high quality brand and proudly brought it home to my husband. After he painted two coats carefully over the entire room, I came in and was shocked. Beautiful paint job – if you like periwinkle. I was so frustrated! Apparently the lighting in the room, mixed with the wall texture and shape of the room, brought out a blue/purple undertone {I swear the lady told me it had a white undertone}.

I was left, trying to decide if I tell my husband that this was not what I was thinking, or act like I knew what I was doing when I carefully picked out the color and pretend that I loved it. I pretended. I felt bad that he had spent all that time painting and I figured I could live with it.

Then his brother came over to help paint the stripes. He walked into the nursery and the first words out of his mouth were: “Wait, are you guys having a boy?” When I politely said “Noooo” he responded, “Oh that’s cool, you’re just painting her room blue then?” {Uggggh!!!} I couldn’t take it! I looked at my husband and said it had it to be changed. Back to the home improvement store.

I picked up a drastically lighter shade of gray, thinking that this would definitely be right, and was amazed at the difference. IMG_20130116_075230

It still brought out a blue-hue to me, but I didn’t care anymore. Whatever. Embrace it. Move on.

We knew we wanted to do one wall with gray and white stripes. I had even thought about trying to do chevron stripes, but decided against it at the last minute when I realized; {a} it would be really hard; and {b} may become too busy looking.

My husband really took the lead with measuring between stripe widths, using a fancy laser leveler that could be wall mounted, and taping off the lines. We used Frog Tape, which is the best tape to use for painting, in my opinion. It made the most crisp lines, and pulled off so smoothly. We didn’t have to touch up the lines at all! I was amazed!


There is a trick to getting the stripes to come out perfect, that will need little to no retouching. I was amazed when we pulled back the tape how wonderfully it came out. I was expecting a lot of bleed-through and that we would be spending hours meticulously trying to make the lines perfect, but they came out great. I will do a detailed post about how to paint the perfect striped wall later.



Once the paint had dried, my husband put on new outlet covers that were cute and were the kind made so that it was harder to push things into them {safer for babies, headache for parents}.

Instead of buying new window framing, we painted the dark brown window sill and added a piece of leftover crown molding we had to the bottom. My husband and his dad also put new molding around the door frame, and put white trim around the bottom of the room.

We were all about using second-hand items for her room. We wanted to save money wherever possible, and a can of white paint {or any paint for that matter} can to wonders to furniture bought second-hand. Everything from the crib, to rocking chair, to dresser to changing table {buffet table turned changer} was bought second-hand. IMG_20130223_122803IMG_20130223_122752IMG_20130223_122730IMG_20130223_122720We put new clear crystal knobs from Target on the dresser to match the custom closet, and took off the doors of the buffet to have open shelving. The custom closet was another awesome project, that you can find details about here. It is so functional and is something that little M can grow into. IMG_20130218_220331We bought a cheap curtain rod at Ross and bought really inexpensive pink curtains at Ikea {so cheap that I accidentally bought two complete packages because I thought they were only single panel}.


We put up some shelving that we got free from someone giving them away, and added a gorgeous custom-made mobile {from her cousins!} above her crib.





I’ve added some baskets under the changing table, one in the closet for laundry, and one in the room for toys.

The nursery is calming, cute, and very functional for the needs of little M and our family. I love going in there to play, cuddle and change her – and there is nothing quite like rocking her to sleep.

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