Hello and welcome to my blog, Peep Toes and Pacifiers!

I started this blog in August 2013 as a fun way to track this new adventure of motherhood, being a wife, a homeowner and trying to find my place in all of that which will be honest, funny and something some people can relate to. I wanted an outlet to write about the things I’m passionate about, as well as document things I try to become good at {home decor, crafts, recipes, organization for an overly busy lady!} I want to spread a little joy to those that are tirelessly trying to get through the grind of life and share some resources as I go along this journey and find what works best for us!

I used to work full time as a mom outside of the house, but am now a stay at home mom with our 2 kids, 2 dogs, and cat. I am a wife to a wonderful man, who has a lot of projects around the house as my crazy ideas unfold! Life is very busy, but I still try to find time to enjoy the simple things. I love my family, faith, laughing, and being able to bring any ounce of joy to people’s lives. I have hung up the peeptoe heels and the second kid won’t take a pacifier, so you know life is just unpredictable!

I have so much to explore and learn in this world, and hope to inspire, help, and be encouraged by all who come across this blog.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to contact me!


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