House Décor update

Since I now stay at home with the kids, my newly proclaimed job description has been “thrifty décor lady who is constantly moving things around the house and redecorating”. I will sit and stare at a wall for much longer than I’d like to admit, and imagine what I can either move around in the house to put on said wall, what I can find used, or what I can find at Hobby Lobby (only when it is 50% off, of course).

It’s been a challenge to find a style for us personally. Especially since I am “thrifty” I tend to have a hard time giving away or selling items that really don’t fit anywhere. But as I’ve stayed home and had more time to really be thoughtful (aka not as impulsive) I am able to fine-tune the style a little.

I’ve been really aware how styles change as well. I like to mix things up on a regular basis. It keeps things fresh and lets me see if I like another set up better. I’ve really been noticing the feelings associated with a new mix of décor. Does it make me fell calm? Settled? Home? Relaxed? If it does, I notice that it sticks around longer. Although I am always changing things up, I wanted to capture some of our current décor. Interestingly enough, it is ALL on the main level of our tri-level, so I’m thinking I need to start spending more time upstairs or downstairs. I have really noticed how my style has changed a bit with time.


I’m big on functional , stylistic, clean, farmhouse, simple. There are so many cosmetic and even major changes that we hope to do to this house, but since budgets are tight, putting stuff on the walls seems to help!

What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!