Thank you Holly Butcher

Oh man, heyyyyy everybody!! I’d like to tell you all that I made a new year’s resolution to blog more and even scheduled it into my calendar, but to be honest, nope that didn’t happen. And I seem to only blog when I get inspiration. So scheduling time weekly, while productive, seems like I won’t be inspired which is when I really love to write and show my heart.

So, you guessed it, I felt inspired today. I’m sure a lot of you have read the post circulating right now about the 27 year old Australian woman who just passed away but wrote a letter to the world and shared it just a few days before she left this Earth. If you haven’t gotten a chance to, please do read that post here. Then please come back to read the rest of my post!!

I’ve read a few “last word” stories that have gone viral, but there was something about this one that hit me a little harder. Maybe it was her casual wording, making it sound like someone I know, or that she was close to my age, close to the life stages I’m in but didn’t get a chance to experience, or that this letter and her death were both so recent. Whatever it was, I’m thankful at times like these for social media and good things going viral.

It made me go outside in barefeet this morning and look up. I breathed in the crisp air. I watched some birds fly around. I watched the breeze gently move the branches. I let the light of morning go into my eyes, through my body and exhaled thankfulness. I put down my phone, sat and played with my kids for a while, and hugged my dogs. I was blessed later in the day with an unplanned walk with my son while my daughter was in ballet. I held his hand as we stopped every two feet to listen to the breeze, listen to the water trickling through a creek and point out all the moss. It was magical. I took only a few pictures and one story on Instagram, trying my hardest not to capture it but to enjoy it. (Habits die hard, what can I say?)

I don’t know if I would have done this without reading her post this morning. I hope I do something like it tomorrow. But I can’t deny the power in presence and gratitude. So I’m hoping to share more of my heart, more of my special memories, and more life here. It’s how I capture my life. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll take it for granted and start to forget these special times.

What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!