Today I conquered my duvet cover

Oh heyyyy! Have you missed me? Its been a rough few months, heck year, and my motivation and creativity have been seriously lacking. We are all in the sick house right now and by some miracle my son slept the whole night through last night since the day he was born. That’s right. I haven’t slept an entire night of sleep (consecutive 6+ hours) for an entire. Year. Straight. 

It’s a wonder what a whole night of sleep does! You guys, I sewed today. With my sewing machine. The sewing machine has been sitting out for months, as I thought having it out might motivate me. My duvet cover has been sitting out next to it for months, also trying to trigger my urge to do something. Anything. Besides everything. 

I love our duvet cover. It was one of those amazing Costco finds that came and went faster than that big Seattle storm we were supposed to have last month. That didn’t happen. I wrote about this duvet cover much earlier in the blog. However much I love the look of this duvet cover, the way it shimmies down the bed, and the actual down comforter comes alive and gets trapped in the bottom left corner every night didn’t really produce feelings of love in me. It wasn’t unconditional, let’s say that. 

So, today I finally conquered the duvet project I had imagined months, maybe even a year, ago. I made a little loop-and-tie system for both my duvet cover and down comforter that I actually don’t know why isn’t standard on all of these items already. Super easy. Cheap. Just takes a little time and effort. Something that I have had zero of the past year, but today. Today it came. While brief, it’s done. Thank ya Jesus. 

I used some white 1/4in. double fold bias tape. I didn’t know that it comes unstiched, so I put a single stitch down the fold of this to create a thicker, stronger piece. 

I sewed a loop onto each top corner and the top middle of the inside of the duvet cover and then sewed two tie straps to each corner and top middle of the comforter. Simple. 

I tied three knots to secure the strings to the corresponding loop, and voila! I’m so ready for not having to tug and fluff and wrestle a down comforter in the duvet all night. Now to put the seeing machine away…. 

What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!