Entry way DIY table – Take 2


About two years ago, I found an awesome table at a local Goodwill that I had big dreams for. It was pine colored, and needed some TLC, but I had a vision. I wanted to experiment with fabric, and so after painting the table white, I updated it with a fabric table top.

After living with the table at our entry way for 2 years, I started to not appreciate the color choice as my taste changed and I realized it was really hard to keep clean. I was going to sell the piece and get something different, but then I had another vision of what would be better for this table that better fit my style (or the style I want to have!)

I found an awesome 6 pack of reclaimed wood from Hobby Lobby while browsing for craft supplies, that was perfect for what I wanted to do on the table. I bought two packs to make sure I had enough, and brought them home to lay them out on the table. After figuring out how I wanted to lay them out, we did some measurements and got to work cutting the boards to fit the table. We used wood glue to secure them down on the table, right on top of the fabric. We also put a few screws underneath to have the boards lay more flat, as some weren’t laying as flat as I wanted.

It was a nice 2 hour little DIY project and I am LOOOOOVING the results. It has the perfect rustic, farmhouse look that I am being drawn to and now I am so happy that I didn’t end up selling it, as this project update cost under $20!


2016-03-07 02.14.40



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