Mama Bear


The greatest prayer a mama has is that her children stay healthy. I pray for many other things (wisdom, compassion, faith, strength, etc) over my children as well, but health and protection are always the most prominent.

I’ve prayed especially over Gavin. Even in the womb, at just a few weeks gestation, we were getting news that things didn’t look absolutely perfect like you hope to hear. We prayed. Family prayed. Strangers prayed. Small groups prayed. Gavin defied it all through God’s miraculous healing hands. All of the things we were told could be true while in utero were wiped clean by God’s hand.

Now, what we were being told they were seeing “is common”. To someone who only wants to hear everything looks perfectly healthy, there is no common. There was only getting on knees to pray. There was only laying hands on my belly. There was only anointing with oil. God had a plan for him.

After birth, only a few short weeks into this life, new worries arose. Gavin’s breathing was different. His chest seemed to retract. His chin seems recessed. All things people and doctors shrugged off. Mama bear did not. I pushed for answers. Did my own research. And we now have a confirmed diagnosis. Laryngomalacia.

I keep saying how thankful I am. There are so many other diseases, illnesses, deformities that children have. We are extremely blessed that this is the diagnosis. We are blessed it is mild. We are blessed that he is gaining weight. We are blessed that he is able to breastfeed. We are blessed that he seems to not have reflux. We are blessed, we are blessed, we are blessed.

The prognosis is that he will grow out of it. They don’t think his chin will cause any problems and will also grow correctly. There are many variables and a long road ahead of constant watch. If he gets sick, even a small common cold, we will most likely spend our time at Children’s. It’s scary to have something that affects his airway. It’s scary when he chokes while eating. But we have faith. We continue to pray and lay hands on him. We give thanks to God for the incredible blessing Gavin is.

Gavin, meaning White Hawk; hawk of the battle. He will soar above this battle because there is victory in the name of Jesus.


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