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As I look back on turning 30, and welcome in the new year, I can’t help but reflect on all that my 20s brought. One phrase that kept repeating in my head as I thought through all that had happened  was “I became”. Let me explain…

I BECAME a college graduate. I was the first in my immediate family to go to a 4 year university. It was exciting, scary, and taught independence. It was the absolute best decision I had made in my young life. Not only did I become a WSU Cougar, a KD, a PR major and Hospitality minor, but I became part of a family of tradition, legacy, memories and had some of the best years of my life.

I BECAME a wife. Another great thing to come out of going to college was meeting my husband. B was someone  different that made me a better person and who I had a ton of fun with. We moved to Hawaii together after college which was another great adventure to add to my 20s.

I BECAME a baptized Christian. I grew up in the Catholic Church and during college and after meeting my husband, I identified more with the non denominational Christian church. We were both baptized as Christians together in Hawaii with our church One Love.

I BECAME a home owner. Moving into a home that was our ownership has been something I’m very proud of. It may not be the newest, but it’s ours,  and that makes it wonderful. We are constantly doing upgrades and finding our style, which is hard work but something we are very proud of.

I BECAME a career woman. Immediately after graduating from college, I had some time at Starbucks corporate, which I absolutely loved as my first out of college career. My career was stalled briefly when we moved to Hawaii for my husband to pursue his career dreams. After moving home from Hawaii, I embarked on a career journey at Microsoft that gave me many great opportunities. During my latest time at Microsoft, I found a love for Visual Merchandising. I continued to work hard to further my career there and find my passion in my work, while balancing life at home.

I BECAME a mother. Bringing two beautiful babies into the world has changed my life and heart beyond measure. What a gift and blessing it is to become a mother. I am in a season of focusing on how to be the best mother I can be to these two, which has its daily challenges, but is a job I wouldn’t trade.

The 20s were such an amazing, challenging, searching, life-changing, adventurous time. Can’t wait for all to come in this next decade!

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  • Beautiful words from my beautiful daughter – I am profoundly proud of who you are as a woman, mother, wife and daughter. You are in my mind and heart ALWAYS.

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