And then there were four


One week ago our family of three became four with the addition of little baby G. This last week has been all consuming of every emotion available in the human body and physically so rough for this repeat c-section mama. But one week feels like a great accomplishment right now.

Little M has taken quite well to her new baby brother – a truly answered prayer. Sure, she has her moments, but we all have many times this week. She is such a trooper. Brad has been an incredible help, which always makes me fall more in love with him. My mom has taken on the challenge of staying with us which has been a HUGE blessing. Sometimes a mama still needs her mama.

We are all adjusting to this new life which both terrifies and excites me. I’m exhausted, recovering, can’t lift my daughter for 6 weeks {still trying to figure out the logistics of that between changing diapers and naps and mornings in and out of a crib}, and overall so in love with this beautiful baby boy.

As I embark on this new journey and write most posts during middle of the night feedings, please keep us in your prayers. Pray for a very speedy recovery, for my emotional wellbeing, and for our new life as a family of four.


By the way, if you are wanting to get an adorable personalized baby gift, I found the customized blanket and beanie in the first picture through Pearl Pear Designs on Etsy. She was so wonderful to work with and created the design with very minimal direction. We love it!!

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