A little something special


I have been searching far and wide for the perfect personalized necklace to showcase the love for my children. I have been browsing local shops, looking at charms with initials, and browsing Etsy.

I recently saw some of my favorite family members when they were in town and loved their gold bar necklaces they were wearing. They informed me that one of their clients from their hair salon had made them and gave me her Etsy shop information.

I started to chat with Shop Luca on Etsy explaining what I was looking for and the dear made me exactly what I wanted!! A perfect gold bar necklace with “MADISON♡GAVIN” hand stamped on the bar. Start the swooning.

It came pretty quickly and receiving this cute little package was such a treat! I wanted to give myself a special little gift, and something to celebrate the upcoming birth of my son. Who says you can’t give yourself a “birth (push) gift”?

I have worn it everyday since I received it and love how it always reminds me of my littles. If you are looking for a great gift this Christmas or something special for yourself or a friend, I highly suggest checking out Shop Luca on Etsy!


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  • HI Melissa!! I just spotted your post for the first time, and I’m so thrilled to know you love the necklace we made for you:) I’m glad it means so much to you and conveys the love you have for your two children:)

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