Hello again world!

Sorry that I have been gone so long!

One major reason that I have been MIA is due to the fact that we just announced…we are pregnant with number 2!! This pregnancy has been incredibly different. I have been very ill {always sickness, no “morning” sickness} and have held off on announcing this pregnancy, which has made it difficult to share about things apparently!

Our poor bathroom remodel got completely put on hold due to my sickness starting at 6 weeks and going through 16 weeks and B throwing his back out wakeboarding {we don’t get out on lakes much!} We did buy a vanity and will be starting the process once again! I have a good vision right now, so I am hoping we can get started. It is always hard to do indoor projects in the summer because every weekend we either have plans, would rather work outdoors or are off camping!

Regardless, life is great right now as I start to feel better and we enter the fun summer months. I had a lot of fun announcing this pregnancy to B and little M which I haven’t gotten to talk about yet! I decided to go the easy route and tied baby balloons to the positive test strips.

20150220_151907-1 20150220_151933


It was pretty hilarious to me that the VERY obvious announcement as they walked in the door was almost missed. As you can hear, little M picks up on it right away, or at least something, but B is quite oblivious to the balloons and all!

We have been able to tell family and friends individually this time around which has been fun! Everyone is very excited and we can’t wait to find out if this will be a boy or girl!


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