Tea with the Mad Hatter

20150426_190103Little M has been blossoming her sense of play and pretending lately, which makes my heart melt. There is nothing like a toddler learning how to pretend and listening to them chat with their toys in deep conversation.

She had gotten a play tea set for her birthday that up to this point, had just been something fun to dump on the floor. She didn’t quite grasp what to do with it yet. I had only shown her a few times what to do, but she would usually turn into Dr. Destructo mode and crash through my nicely set tea party.20150426_190901

I was chatting with Grandmama on the phone and I heard the sounds of “tea” pouring into cups {via the great sound affects mastered by little M}. I was very excited to see that she was starting to understand the concept! I quickly ended my conversation and sat down to tea with my little one. I soon realized that this was no ordinary tea party filled with grace and manners. This was a Mad Hatters tea party. Just the way I like it.20150426_190949

Chalk it up to the “lunch” she had at Grammie’s house for her auntie’s birthday party of cheese balls, jelly beans and cake, she was in a sugar-high tea party mode. It was rambunctious. It was hilarious. And as M called it later, a “soup” party. {She kept calling it soup after she was done with the tea}. We were all over the place. Pouring, cheering the cups, sipping, throwing plates, chucking cups. Wild.

There are so many fun things I am getting to experience with M. It’s all about taking the time and putting away the distractions and really getting into it!

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