730 (+1) of the best days


I can be a really sentimental person. It is hard for me to put into words all of the amazing things that my life now holds having become a mother. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew the absolute change and meaning it would truly bring to my life.

Having just celebrated little M’s second birthday is awesome. I get to take a moment to reflect and give thanks for the incredible blessing she is to me and my husband. To our whole family. To our friends. And even to people that she has never met. She is a bundle of joy, a genuinely goofy kiddo and one that has humor and stubbornness that I know is purely God-given (although she gets both from her mom and dad).

I feel so lucky to be her mom. For 730 (+1 because I’m late to post) days, she has been on my mind and heart 24/7. I miss her every second I’m not with her and I adore everything about her, even the sound of her chewing. Which I usually haaaate the sound of people chewing. It makes my skin crawl. But her, I could listen all day.

We can’t wait to see the little lady and woman she becomes. I pray health, protection, and for her to know Jesus and have a faith stronger than her dad and I could ever imagine every night. I thank Jesus for his blessing of giving us this little M. I love getting to experience the joy she brings people already in her short 731 day life. I pray that she has a million more days to come to do just the same.

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