Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

The plague that is toddler eating utensils and supplies had officially taken over my kitchen.


I could not. handle. it. any. longer.

So I did what any sensible adult would do and I went to The Container Store. OK, this may come as a shock to some of you, but it was the first time I had set foot into that store in my adult life. And I was in HEAVEN. I told my husband that this was my new guilty pleasure. My eyes were darting all over. I couldn’t comprehend all the organizational beauty. It was overwhelmingly wonderful!



I had an idea of what I was after and it involved tiered, sliding drawers. I found a great unit in the kitchen aisle, bought two, and skipped out of the store. OK I didn’t skip, but it felt like I was walking on air, whatever, same thing. I was so excited to get home and take out all of the mayhem and organize the toddler-craziness into bins by category, size, color even?! Ohhh the possibilities. When I had everything all organized and ready to put back in — the true horror set in.

They were too tall.

And my shelf is apparently so custom built in, it is cut into the sides of the cabinet. Fantastic. I sat them on the counter for a few days trying to figure out where else I could stash these magical tiered baskets, until I gave in to the fact that it would not work in my kitchen and I bagged them back up to be returned. Depressing.

I was browsing Target a few days later and strolled through the $1/$3 aisle {glorious sometimes, right?!} and found these cute, pink, rubber bins that hit that sweet spot of “this could work” in my brain. I grabbed four and went on my way.


They are perfect for wrangling the toddler gear! They are deep, which fits a lot, and since they are rubber and flexible, they can fit side by side well. It was a quick and easy fix, that happened a bit by accident, but that saved me about $40! The Container Store items were $25 +tax each and these were $3 each! Sure they are pink, due to it being Easter timing, but heck, it works for me!

The bamboo utensil holder was a cheap find at Marshalls as well. I had that for a while hoping that I would figure out some way to hold all of the other items!


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