Keep Calm and Let the Tiny Dictator Dictate

Perhaps we are approaching the “terrible two’s”? Or maybe it’s because I am raising a daughter? There, I’m sure, are many reasons why my sweet, goofy, little girl has turned into a waking dictator, who, at the crack of dawn, decides that her wrath of unknowns is ready to be unleashed. 11014991_10101758473192693_2560095276888936951_n

I am coming off of two straight weeks of shortened sleep cycles, crying first thing in the morning and trying to get a toddler to just eat and poop something, in a normal pattern. I know, I’m crazy for thinking this is possible. I believe we are teething, constipated, battling a cold, dealing with knowing what we want to say but not having the full ability, and two labs that just ruin the world.

My mornings have started by tears, diaper-change refusal, 7 books read, and one of the last two binkies being clenched in mouth as little M hollers her orders of leaving the room, then going back in, then turning on the light, then grabbing a toy, then throwing the toy {which makes more tears flow}, then smacking the dogs who are licking her face. By the time we make it downstairs to try to get a drink and food, no one is keeping calm.


M is going through food refusal so she and I sit with the fridge and freezer door wide open as I use her as a homing-beacon to figure out what she may want to eat. {Meatballs and ice chips? Sure! Why not…} After I get them ready to eat, she walks around with the bowl sideways so everything spills out. Back to zero. Deep breaths. Keep calm and what?


The rest of these mornings I tend to be followed by a very hangry toddler, who is refusing to eat, can’t poop and teeth hurt. I feel her. I really do. I’ve come to work looking a bit disheveled for the past two weeks, and I think this is just the new look I need to learn to rock.

As much as life during these mornings can be difficult, I wouldn’t trade them for anything and I secretly love every minute. Cheers to you moms and dads that can understand and goodonya for being able to have the humor to get through!

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