Get out and enjoy early Spring


Since I am currently a full-time working mom, I have limited time to get to go out and enjoy the outdoors, with my little M in tow. My time to get out and explore is limited to the weekends, which will have to do for now.


We recently went out to a local spot, pre-Spring, that was fun to explore and had plenty of gravel and stairs to keep two young gals busy. Visiting a local Botanical Garden is the perfect way to get outdoors, and give little ones a fairly safe environment to let loose.

They had a blast running around the open grass, practicing balance on inclines, and smelling the flowers. Well, the only ones that had bloomed.


I hope to get out again and explore more of the PNW. We did try to do a little hike last weekend, but apparently didn’t find the right trail and putting M in rain boots was not the best plan. She insisted on being carried for the majority of the “hike” and cried whenever there was a mud puddle. I guess we need to get out more!

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