Month: March 2015

Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

Sippy cups, sippy tops, plates and bowls, oh my!

The plague that is toddler eating utensils and supplies had officially taken over my kitchen. I could not. handle. it. any. longer. So I did what any sensible adult would do and I went to The Container Store. OK, this may come as a shock […]

Keep Calm and Let the Tiny Dictator Dictate

Perhaps we are approaching the “terrible two’s”? Or maybe it’s because I am raising a daughter? There, I’m sure, are many reasons why my sweet, goofy, little girl has turned into a waking dictator, who, at the crack of dawn, decides that her wrath of […]

Get out and enjoy early Spring


Since I am currently a full-time working mom, I have limited time to get to go out and enjoy the outdoors, with my little M in tow. My time to get out and explore is limited to the weekends, which will have to do for now.


We recently went out to a local spot, pre-Spring, that was fun to explore and had plenty of gravel and stairs to keep two young gals busy. Visiting a local Botanical Garden is the perfect way to get outdoors, and give little ones a fairly safe environment to let loose.

They had a blast running around the open grass, practicing balance on inclines, and smelling the flowers. Well, the only ones that had bloomed.


I hope to get out again and explore more of the PNW. We did try to do a little hike last weekend, but apparently didn’t find the right trail and putting M in rain boots was not the best plan. She insisted on being carried for the majority of the “hike” and cried whenever there was a mud puddle. I guess we need to get out more!