Giving Up for Lent


“Giving Up for Lent” …. some may read that as “what are you going to give up for Lent?” or you may read it as “I give up from giving up things for Lent”.

I grew up in the Catholic Church, which took Lent very seriously. We all looked forward to Ash Wednesday, where we would all giggle at each others ashen crosses on our foreheads, but we never were actually being reflective and grasping what the next 40 days meant for our eternal life. It is all a bit heavy for a crew of 26 elementary school kids.

As my faith journey has progressed throughout my life, I still don’t have the best grasp on Lent, but the one thing I have always had an issue with, is that Lent became something very materialistic and social. Everyone would post and boast about the chocolate, soda, alcohol, etc. that they were going to try to give up for Lent. I highly doubt when our time comes that the gates of heaven are going to swing open for all those years of chocolate you gave up.

I have turned to wanting to be more reflective during Lent, finding something I can give up or “take on” during Lent that help my community, my faith, something more deep than my waistline or health. While giving up unhealthy things are great, let’s not use Lent for doing something that only really benefits ourselves.

I know it’s about a week behind, but this Lent, I am going to read a devotional and work on my faith and being reflective on what Lent really means. I am partaking in this Lent series that is beautifully put together and can be downloaded through an app on your phone {ok that’s amazing!}. Here is a link to the plan that you can read through to figure out how to get the app on your phone.

This site has some awesome devotionals that would be good to take part in any time in your life, but Lent is a great time to start!!


{Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. The plans appear to be free online. While the app is free on phones, you do have to pay a small fee for the plans. It’s worth it, I promise!}

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