Creating a functional playroom when you don’t have the space

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home that has multiple rooms that allow you to separate kid stuff from the adult stuff? Some of you may be fortunate enough to have this, but we do not! So, when you need to get creative – there are certain things you can do! For me, insert IKEA.

IKEA gets a bad rap from “all of the manual labor” needed to put their furniture together. While I think they do a great job of putting together some simple instructions and making it easy for most to accomplish, I always browse the “AS-IS” section and hope to find something I need – already put together!

I loved IKEA’s Expedite shelving, although never bit the bullet to buy one, but continued to dream of the day I could bring it into my home. I finally made the decision to use their shelving unit as the central location to store toys and to create a “playroom space” in our living room that wouldn’t make the entire room feel “just for the kids”. The shelving unit at IKEA is now the KALLAX system, which I don’t see too much difference in. I went in to IKEA on my own and was pumped to buy the unit, when I saw how huge and heavy the box was, and slowly lost my excitement of being at IKEA alone…darn.

As I slumped away, trying to come up with a plan on how to convince my husband to come back with me, I slugged through the AS-IS section and found the exact unit I was looking for – including two drawer units already installed. Discounted price, already put together, and with the drawer unit?? THANK YOU JESUS!! I felt like I conquered IKEA. {I will leave out the part where I basically had to tear my car apart to fit it in…}

20150206_173047 20150206_173053

This unit is gorgeous – and really adds a nice area in the living room. It gives everything a place {glorious organization} and brings the “play area” into one central location.

Most people then buy the IKEA bins that perfectly fit in the cubbies. I went a little outside the box and found 4 gallon garbage pails at IKEA that fit great in the cubbies as well! I thought it added a fun look! I may spray paint them another color, but am liking the white on white right now! They fit so much! I was able to round up all of the toys from various areas and fit them in these bins – it was great!

20150208_165626 20150208_165634

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