I love you because…


Need an easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift? Or a gift for an anniversary, just because or to show someone how much you love them? Here is a inexpensive, easy and customizable gift to give to someone you love this Valentine’s day…or any day!

Items needed:
Picture frame (any size, recommend 5″ × 7″; make sure the glass is in the frame)
Any color scrap fabric
Choice of scrap paper
Color printer (optional – if you have pretty penmanship you can certainly write on the paper!)
White board marker
Hot glue gun + glue sticks


1. Open a Word Document (or grab your pens!) and type up or write out, in the font of your choice: I love you because…

2. Print out, cut to size of frame opening and place in frame.


3. To make the fabric roses, take the scrap fabric and fold, lengthwise so that the fabric is only about 1/4″ wide.

4. Reserve a small amount of fabric to cut circles that will be used to adhere to the frame.

5. Hold one end and twirl/wrap the remaining fabric around tightly, wrapping it like a flower.

6. Use the hot glue to secure the final piece, trying to secure and glue on the side that will be on the bottom.

7. Use excess fabric reserved earlier to cut a circle that is less than the base of the fabric rose. Hot glue this piece to the base of the flower. This will help secure the rose to hold shape.

8. Hot glue to your liking on the frame.

20150212_102510 20150212_102529

9. Take a dry erase marker and write a sweet note on the glass to answer the “I love you because…” phrase and give to your loved one!



What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!