Happy New Year!

nye2014Another year, another list of resolutions, goals and dreams.

What is going to make 2015 different?

Well, for one, Marty was right and we do have some inkling of a working hoverboard. Big news.

2015 has big potential. There are a lot of hopes and dreams floating around the Davis household that all may happen, or start to happen, in 2015. Ch-ch-changes are inevitable…what is that quote? “The only constant is change”…something like that. It is how you embrace the changes that define you. It is how you react, treat others and learn and grow during those changes. Changes can be grand or minimal; exciting or scary {or both}, and they are make up our lives.

There are resolutions that will roll over from previous years {weightloss goals anyone??} and some resolutions that I like to have as “working character resolutions” every year. These include things like: be more loving, show more grace, give back, have more fun, be patient, be bolder, etc.

I hope to gain a more minimalist attitude in 2015 and be happier with less. I hope to gain a new appreciation for health and fitness, and I hope to have time to be more creative. My family sent off our hopes, prayers and dreams with lanterns on New Years Eve – which was a fun and magical experience! These are fun for many occasions – here is a Groupon link for the ones that we used!

diptic916917133Cheers to 2014 – you were great! I have a feeling 2015 will be one for the books!

Oh!! And I got to seal my New Years with a kiss from my main squeeze — which marks our 8th year of NYE kisses! So special!



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