4 Room Decor Update for Under $150


I have had some pieces and areas in the house that I have been keeping in mind as I was out and about that needed decor and storage items, but I never felt whatever I was grabbing was cohesive aesthetically {such big words}. I spoke a bit about my researching through my self-proclaimed Pinterest University on another post, and things started to click on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. I regained the focus I needed to finally land on pieces to bring into my home, for these areas that I had wanted to update for over 2 years.

Going into Hobby Lobby and only having an hour to collect key pieces made me feel like I was on Supermarket Sweep! Under an hour later {I was seriously focused} I came out $150 dollars poorer, but gained pretty, organized decor that would go in four different areas in my home.

1. Kitchen Coffee Station

I absolutely LOVE my kitchen coffee station {it’s really the only thing I love about my kitchen currently} and it had been functioning well, but I needed something more to add to it, something that would make it more functional, add dimension and would add a touch of pretty of course!

This shelf/drawer/hook combo was perfection. I love the rustic wood + metal look, and the hooks are perfect for displayed mug storage.



2. Table tray

I have been really wanting to have a cute tray on the coffee table that I just redid and haven’t been able to find one that I really liked. I wanted to have a place to display some pretty items, but to also be able to wrangle the controllers {that always disappear}. I love the tray that I found because it is the perfect size. I also found the cute geometric bronze/glass holder and blue tea light holder at Hobby Lobby. The flower put was an Ikea find, and the little bird was a Hobby Lobby purchase that I had made a long time ago. It is a great and easy thing to update your home by just moving around already purchased items!


3. Kitchen fruit two-tier stand

I have been struggling with finding something cute and functional for the kitchen to place fruits and starches in, so I was thrilled to find this black iron two-tier stand to accomplish just that! It fits a lot, and adds a nice dimension to the kitchen. Not too shabby!


4. Bathroom Storage

I didn’t get a picture of this in action, but the 4th room was the guest bathroom magazine/book storage. I found a distressed iron basket that had a “No. 2” ceramic tile on the front {I am such a child with this bathroom humor} that would work perfect for the much needed magazine/book storage in the guest bathroom. The entire bathroom needs an update, but that will hopefully be a later post {I dream…}

{BONUS} I also found that awesome coffee sign at Hobby Lobby on this trip and it was made for me – I just know it. That is exactly my coffee style!

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