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I am obsessed with cute house decor, but I must admit {and hopefully it isn’t that obvious} I am not naturally good at home design, home decor, and creating new things. I am, however, a great student and I love to learn and research things that I am interested in and passionate about.

I look to Pinterest and other people’s blogs and tutorials as a student, and they are my teachers. People that have great talents in home design, home decorating, DIYing, recipe making, organizing, event planning — it’s an amazing and awesome place that I can explore and learn through, so that I can become a better DIYer, designer, cook — heck, even a better wife and mother!

I know all of you have those people that you walk into their house and you look around in envy awe at the gorgeous decor and furniture they have. It may not even be the best brand or most expensive pieces. It could be second-hand or DIY, but they have it. They have that natural eye/touch/style.

I strive to be one of these people, however I don’t believe I am. I can look at beautiful, well designed spaces and appreciate it and know that it’s good. I can also look at a not-so put together space and recognize that. This is why I am trying to train myself to be someone that “gets it”. Someone that can walk into the Hobby Lobby/Home Goods/Goodwill and see pieces that would go perfectly “here and here” in my home, instead of walking in and getting completely overwhelmed.

I am training myself through Pinterest University. That’s a thing, right?! I am one of those people that goes down the rabbit hole of Pinterest {a wonderful, beautiful, magical rabbit hole} and finds myself on the 15th blog looking through amazing pictures of homes I hope to someday have. All of my time learning and researching is starting to pay off, and I can say that if you feel you are someone like me, just keep trying things!!

Dearest Pinterest — feel free to make me the President and Dean of the newly formed Pinterest University. 😉



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