DIY Coffee Cart and Ikea Hack



I did it. I did my first “Ikea hack”. I have a strong dislike towards the little counter space I have in my kitchen. We have a large footprint of kitchen space with an annoying layout and limited countertop area. One of the biggest items on the counter, was the beautiful, wonderful, glorious Keurig. I love this machine. It brightens my day. But it needed to move. I was getting annoyed with how much space it took up, and knew how much we used and loved it that I wanted to give it its own space. That’s when the idea of the coffee cart popped in my head.

I searched for a long time for the perfect piece. Most were too big or small, too tall or short, no shelving or too much shelving, too expensive, not a good color… {am I sounding like Goldilocks yet?}. Then I found it. A perfect, blank pine canvas, at an incredible price. The Bevkam from Ikea.


I knew I wanted to paint it a unique color to make it a statement piece and give it some character. I found this beautiful blue paint and bought a pint {because bonus; this takes very little paint to cover}. I used Valspar Isis Wept, in a medium base.



I went back and forth on the decision to paint before or after I put it together and decided on after, worrying that the paint would get in the holes for the screws, pegs, etc. This proved to be the best decision, however this did take a while to paint {2 late nights} due to all of the shelf slats.

I knew I wanted to have a dark wood top to compliment the blue, so I pulled out my trusty {and still not all used} Varathane Kona wood stain that I had used on the stair remodel and the farmhouse coffee and side tables.

imageThere are many angles, and nooks & crannies on this cart, so painting the blue took some time to ensure that everything was covered, but the good news is that I didn’t have to do a second coat of the Isis Wept because it went on really well and I was careful to make it a little thick. I didn’t have to sand or prep the table {besides putting it together}, which is a huge plus.

I stained the top, sides and under area with two coats of the Kona wood stain. I feel like it really added the richness I was looking for. Overall, I am very happy with my little coffee cart corner! I am working on figuring out the best accessories around it to hold the K-cups, mugs and other coffee supplies needed! I added two baskets, but they can be a bit tricky to pull in and out of the shelves, so I am still undecided if this is the final solution. They are cute though!

{Update} I went to Hobby Lobby and found an amazing shelf/basket combo. The hooks hold mugs and the small baskets are perfect for the K-cups!! LOVE it!!





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