Month: September 2014

Distressed Coffee & Side Table DIY

Oooh there is nothing like finding a great deal at a garage sale, antique mall, or good old Craigslist and refinishing it to look AWESOME! I have been loving the look of the distressed, white bottom, dark-wood top, farmstyle dining tables and thought I could […]

Fall Into Bedding

As I continue to learn how to decorate, update and use pieces of home decor, there is one thing that I have learned I gravitate towards – bedding. Specifically pillows, but that is soon becoming a thing of the past, since the hubbs is putting […]

Busy-busy Summer!

Oh my…where has the time gone? This summer {as our last 2 summers have gone} was not any less crazy-busy. Something had to give, and sadly, it was my blog. But! Have no fear, I have many projects that I had sloooooowly completed throughout the summer that I will be posting about!

On that note, I am also trying to get in a blog posting rhythm that I will be trying out…posts every Tuesday? We’ll see how that goes!

For now, here is a picture recap of our very busy, but wonderful, summer! Enjoy 🙂