Exterior house painting saga


Our one big project this summer that we had to complete this year or the house will disintegrate {or so my husband made it feel} was painting the exterior of our house.

I will admit that the house was due and a fresh paint job would benefit all of us, so I was game. Let me tell you a little secret about myself – I have paint color commitment phobia. So what color to paint the house felt like the whole world depended on my decision. And even though I knew this project was coming, I couldn’t commit to a color. It all came down to B calling me and stating that I had one duty – he was at Lowes and I had to text him a color – right now.

I frantically texted my friend, who also is my neighbor, asking what their house color was {a gorgeous deep gray} but ended up having to Pinterest “best exterior grey paint color”. One color unanimously came up – Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Gray. I texted B, and the decision was done. No looking back.

3 large 5 gal paint cans later, and an unmentionable amount of money, B had sprayed half the house – and I knew something wasn’t right. It just didn’t look like the picture on Pinterest. I figured it had to dry and maybe then it would look better.


In the meantime, my darling husband had already dealt with some drama from having grabbed the wrong spray gun nozzle for the paint sprayer and then later broke the entire unit. This resulted in another unmentionable amount of money for a brand new paint sprayer. All while daylight was closing in, he was covered from head to toe in thick {not the right color} paint, and I was fidgeting over wanting to speak up that I didn’t think the color was right but I was so afraid because of how hard he was working.

Half the house was painted and the sun was gone so we had to call it a night. The next day, the paint color definitely still looked wrong and B was on my side in agreement.  I stopped at a Lowes on my way home and asked for a paint sample of the color I had originally texted B and sure enough, it was different. Oy vey. There is a Harbor Gray and a Sag Harbor Gray – quite different.

(Wrong color, Harbor Gray, on bottom and the correct color, Sag Harbor Gray, is the darker streak)

We packed up all the used and unused paint cans, drove to Lowes and stated our case. Thankfully that text I had sent B with the exact color name was our timestamped proof that they had mixed the wrong color. The manager refunded us and we bought the right color. Thank you for good customer service Lowes!

We are walking away with a wasted day of really hard work and wasted paint, to start all over. At least I won’t fidget when this new color goes up – right??!

I am finally getting around to posting the progress and after pictures! Below are two progress pictures as we went around the entire house….again.

20140729_145655 20140729_201502


Here is some after pictures of the finished house painting with trim! Turns out, I like this happy accident better!!

20141111_101010-e1423774692478-780x416 20141111_153801-780x439


And yes, that is a rag that was left on the roof…I believe it just came off last month.

3 thoughts on “Exterior house painting saga”

  • If you want to make your front door the focal point instead of the garage doors as the focal point of your home, I’d recommend painting the garage doors the same color as the body of the house. The white garage doors draw attention away from your home, which is the opposite of what you want in terms of curb appeal.

    Like the white trim. Sag harbor gray looks very tan to me.

    • Thank you for the comment! I hadn’t thought about that! We have a storm door on the front of the door that isn’t the prettiest thing, so I never think about wanting to draw too much attention to the front door. I need to work on adding cute decor to my front porch to want to make it the focal point. Our garage doors are old, original wood doors, and painting them white was an upgrade to us! 🙂

      I also completely agree with how tan the Sag Harbor Gray looks. This was a quick decision made via Pinterest browsing under pressure from my husband, and all of the pictures online looked like a darker shade of gray. Thankfully this shade has grown on my pleasantly.

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