Happy Birthday America!

Everyone loves a really late post….riiiiight?! I completely failed to post prior to, or near, the 4th of July! {Hey, at least it still is July!}

The 4th of July is my husbands favorite holiday and is definitely one of mine as well. There is just something about the general spirit of the day, the community, the food, the colors of the red, white and blue, family and fireworks. Can’t do without the fireworks.

We went to my father-in-laws like we have been doing annually for a big BBQ and fun. This year I decided to be really festive when it came to the food. Well, festive and quick and easy. I brought a “fruit tray” that was quite American.


It was so simple to make and was a hit at the party.

-Rectangle tray
-1 large bag of red grapes
-4 to 5 large bananas, diced into circles
-4 cups red raspberries
-3 cups blueberries

1. After washing all of the fruit, I started with the red grapes (because I had the most) and I started to line the bottom of the tray. Carefully stack the grapes, focusing on keeping them stacked.
2. When you have a good red stripe of grapes, start adding the diced circles of bananas. The banana layers really help to keep everything in place because they are a little sticky.
3. Repeat the grapes and bananas.
4. Add a layer of raspberries, leaving the square space on the left for the blueberries.
5. Add the bananas for the white layers. Alternate with the remaining raspberries.
6. In the open square on the left, pour the blueberries in and carefully spread out.
7. Add a few bananas as the white stars.
{I did attempt to cut out stars in the bananas. Hard to do with a knife. If I had a small star cookie cutter that may have worked!}

Serve right away and enjoy!

It was a great 4th of July and I can’t wait until next year! Amazing what a year can do!


What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!