If you knew God was coming tomorrow, what would you change today?



As a Christian, I believe that God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, to live as one of us and then chose to lay His life down so that we will not perish but have eternal life {John 3:16}. While this is my lifeline, I take it for granted just as much as the breaths I breathe. There has been an increase in mass-shootings and school shootings in the last few weeks and months that surfaced a question into my head that I have been going back to lately:

If I knew, without a doubt, even as a believer or not, that Jesus was coming back to earth tomorrow, what would I change today?

Really think about that. We all go about our lives and keep promising ourselves that we’ll “do it tomorrow…” or “quit the bad habit(s)” the next day. I actually have never liked the quote “live as if it’s your last day” because I always think, if this was truly my last day I wouldn’t want to work, I would want to be somewhere fun or have a party with all my closest friends and family! I understand the principle, but I take it too literally. I’m flawed; it happens.

I think a lot of people would decide to change a lot of things in their lives, if they knew Jesus was coming the next day. I think they would choose to love a lot harder, speak life to all their closest friends and families, speak and spend time with their closest friends and family, give away the possessions they don’t really need to those less fortunate and try to be in the present as much as they could. I hope they would also rejoice, knowing that what comes next is unlike anything imagined. I know they would also worry, that they didn’t share their faith with as many people as they should have for fear of embarrassment or losing that person due to differences, but now knowing that they don’t know their fate. I think those that were on the fence with faith, would give their life to Jesus.

We don’t know the day or the hour, but at times when the world seems like it can’t be any more broken, I can’t help but cry out in my prayers for Jesus to come deliver us from the hatred, sickness and pain on earth.

I suppose when I think about all the things I hope myself and others would change if we knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, then I do get the phrase “live as if it’s your last day”. I get it now because I need to live each day like I knew Jesus was coming tomorrow and I had served as I was meant to, today.

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