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I have had one very busy May! So busy that I didn’t even post a. single. thing. {sorry} I mean – that is sad. I am really hoping to get back on the ball.

One post that I had been really looking forward to posting was about M’s first birthday!! I had been planning this birthday since she was about 8 months, and was starting to get really excited to try a few DIY crafts and to see what I was capable of while being a full time working mama.

The birthday was pulled off with great help from some amazing family and friends, and we had a beautiful pink & gold day! Celebrating M’s first birthday was a really big deal to me, as I wrote about here, so I wanted to go all out. We had a guest list that competed with the length of our wedding list, because we have such a huge circle of family and friends. It can be really tough to make sure everyone is invited, and of course I had a major issue of multiple people telling me they never received their invite when they should have.

1st bday 1

I made a simple burlap and clothes-pin “Happy Birthday” banner that was hung above the food tables.

1stbday 2

I wanted to have a fun little photo booth for our guests {that were cool enough to be into it} to take pictures at to capture the memory of guests at M’s party. I may have done a little forcing gentle encouraging to get some people to get up and take pictures, but I still enjoyed having this as an option. Plus it was super easy and cheap and took up a lot of blank wall space so it doubled as party decor!

I used some of the pink plastic table cloth that I got on a roll from a party display store as the sides (just folded in half and tacked to the wall). I bought a gold door/curtain streamer from the party store as well and put it down the middle. My amazing friend made the cute little banner out of painted foam board. She wrote with a glitter permanent marker and used glue and glitter as well. Simple and fun!


I always see these adorable little paper or fabric garlands that everyone is decorating with and I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to make – wrong!! Ok it wasn’t that they were really difficult, it was that whatever I was doing, was not matching up with how it was supposed to look. And for some reason overnight they became crimped. I kind of blame it on the cat – he does crazy things at night.


Forgive the really awful yard {our two labs ruin any hope of grass} and it was a little windy so the letters weren’t staying on well, but you get the idea! I bought some gold sparkle craft paper and traced the cardboard letters I bought for the “ONE” around her highchair. The amazing cake was made by my really good friend who also made the mini cupcakes for all {deeeeelicious}. I bought a simple pink “1” candle and glittered each side. I put it on a wood skewer to extend it so that it would sit above the cake and to stabilize it. My friend who made the photobooth banner made the adorable banner for the cake {as you can tell, I have some amazing friends!!}.


These are a few of the other decorations I made to have around the party. I modge-podged the glitter on the top half of the mason jar, and completely covered the cardboard letter “O-N-E” with glue and glitter {my house was a hot-glittery mess}. I didn’t make the hat, but found it at a party store and it was perfect!


This was the dessert/drink table during the party. I was too busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off that I didn’t think to take really good before pictures – and of course it dawned on me halfway through! Nobody’s perfect 😉


I had taken a picture every month on M’s monthly birthday, so I had them all printed and as a banner for decor. It was really fun for all of our guests to take a look at how much she had grown in the year and the changes from month to month.1stbday6The party turned out great and was such a wonderful time. I couldn’t have done it with the help from some of my family and friends – thanks for all the help!


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  • This was such a special day!! So beautiful & thoughtful all the details that were put into the decor & every element of the party!! A fun time was had by all and lil Miss M sure held up well considering being so tired & overwhelmed by all the people & love! 😉 xoxo

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