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Everyone needs a fun, quick DIY, banner to add to the decor for a party or holiday, right?! Here is a super fun and easy tutorial on making a customized banner that you can customize for any holiday, party, room decor, etc. Enjoy!


Burlap roll


Clothes pins (26 for my letters)


Acrylic Paint

Sponge paint brush (craft brush)

Gold Glitter (optional)

Adhesive spray (optional)


1. Decide what shape of each banner piece you want to go with – triangle was my preferred, but with the size of burlap I had and size of stencil lettering, I had to improvise with this shape. Turned out great!

2. Find the largest stencil letter, width and height, and mark what size you want each banner piece to cut to. A rough outline will do here, you just want to make sure that you are scaling to the largest letter needed.

3. Cut one banner flag out from the burlap and hold the stencil letter to it to ensure it is the best cut.

4. Once you have confirmed this is the best cut, layer the cut burlap piece on the fabric and continue cutting banner pieces out until you have the desired number. {In this case, since I was spelling “Happy Birthday”, I needed 13}.

5. Using the desired stencil letters, center the stencil onto one burlap piece and using the sponge craft paint brush, dip a small amount of the acrylic paint and paint inside the stencil. {Note: It was easiest to have a small sample of the paint out on a paper plate for ease of use.}

6. Continue step 5 for each letter. Let dry – do not stack burlap pieces!

7. If you want to have glittery clothespins like I have, I simply used an adhesive spray and immediately after spraying a row of 5 or so clothespins, I sprinkled the gold glitter on and let dry.

8. I laid out all of the letters how I wanted them spaced and in two rows, and measured out how much twine I wanted. Cut twine to size.

9. Use the clothes pins to hold the banner pieces in place on the twine where you would like them placed. I used two clothespins per banner piece.

10. Hang the banner where you would like! (I used tacks to secure it into the wall)

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