Mail Drop


I would be pretty confident to say that I would bet that 9/10 households out there have that one space that everything drops at. Mail, bags, bills, important documents, homework, toys, notes, etc.

For my house, this is the kitchen island area. Our kitchen is 70s, like most of the rest of our house, and has an oddly small island with a killer built-in Jenn-Aire cooktop {I call it killer not because it’s killer (cool) but killer (we don’t use it because it may kill us) kind of thing}.

While we are saving and dreaming of the kitchen we want someday, I have to solve for our life currently. This meant finding some way to have a “drop” location for those miscellaneous items that were piling up on our counter.

I found the awesome 3-tier organizer pictured above at Home Goods that I thought would be perfect for the wall in the kitchen. I really liked this one because I could customize and change the titles of the drop buckets since the front had chalkboards. I also loved the size. Big enough to actually put larger items/lots of items, yet small enough to fit on the wall and be out of the way.

We are doing pretty good utilizing this organization system. With anything, it’s a learning process of remembering to actually take care of the things we drop in there, but it has really helped to organize and minimize that clutter on the island.

Now to find a better spot to drop our work bags, diaper bags, lunch pails…any ideas?? Comment below!!

What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!