A friend of mine just shared a blog of a friend that she knows that lost her daughter to Leukemia at 2.5 years old. 2 and half years old. A blink of time. I get so caught up in life – work, the house, what chores need to be done, what projects I want to start on the house, what plans we have coming up. I try really hard to make sure everything is moving smoothly and that everybody is… Read more »

  As a Christian, I believe that God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, to live as one of us and then chose to lay His life down so that we will not perish but have eternal life {John 3:16}. While this is my lifeline, I take it for granted just as much as the breaths I breathe. There has been an increase in mass-shootings and school shootings in the last few weeks and months that surfaced a question… Read more »

I have had one very busy May! So busy that I didn’t even post a. single. thing. {sorry} I mean – that is sad. I am really hoping to get back on the ball. One post that I had been really looking forward to posting was about M’s first birthday!! I had been planning this birthday since she was about 8 months, and was starting to get really excited to try a few DIY crafts and to see what I… Read more »

  Everyone needs a fun, quick DIY, banner to add to the decor for a party or holiday, right?! Here is a super fun and easy tutorial on making a customized banner that you can customize for any holiday, party, room decor, etc. Enjoy! Supplies: Burlap roll Stencils Clothes pins (26 for my letters) Twine Acrylic Paint Sponge paint brush (craft brush) Gold Glitter (optional) Adhesive spray (optional) Instructions: 1. Decide what shape of each banner piece you want to… Read more »

I would be pretty confident to say that I would bet that 9/10 households out there have that one space that everything drops at. Mail, bags, bills, important documents, homework, toys, notes, etc. For my house, this is the kitchen island area. Our kitchen is 70s, like most of the rest of our house, and has an oddly small island with a killer built-in Jenn-Aire cooktop {I call it killer not because it’s killer (cool) but killer (we don’t use… Read more »