Custom Stair Remodel


Talk about taking on a house renovation project that is a bit over your head – stair renovations. First off, I need to start by giving my husband a {GLOWING} pat on the back. He took this very difficult project on and worked tirelessly every night after work, and every weekend for over a month. Yes, I said a month. The details and angles that went into this would drive anyone past their breaking point, but he stuck it out, learned a lot, and is now for hire to build any custom staircase {kidding, honey}.

I won’t be able to give you detailed step-by-step instructions on this, but can provide some pictures {which are more fun anyways, right?!} because this project was so incredibly detailed. I’m still working on my husband being a guest blogger for this one! I didn’t take a good before picture with the previous handrails before they were demoed {of course} so I had to horribly edit pictures with the original handrail in the background – but I hope you can kind of get the idea.


Here you go!




I would also love to give a huge, heartfelt {THANK YOU!} to my husbands father and uncle who came over many times during this project to help plan and build. I am so thrilled with the finished look, and really happy we chose to go with the iron balusters over the white wood pegs. I think it will last longer and remain timeless. I at least got to add my “craftsman-style dreams” to the newel post design. I think it really turned out beautiful! Now we don’t have to stress about our kids potentially injuring themselves with the old, not up-to-code, banister we previously had. That is beautiful enough!

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