Oh trends. How you come and go. Some stay longer than others. Some sweep across the nation, world, race and cultures. This current trend of taking “selfies” is quite interesting to me.

In a society that is becoming extremely obsessed with self, we have now come up with a trending way to show the rest of the world how obsessed we are with ourselves. I’ve sat and watched people spend countless time perfecting the angle, smile, eyes, head tilt, and surroundings for the “perfect selfie”. What is it that we are all trying to prove? Express? Is this really what we want people to know about our daily lives? Is this what we want to leave as legacy?

I think that our world is slowly, no scratch that, rapidly losing the art and ability of caring more about what we do for others, what we want to share with the world and what disturbing mental malaise our culture-shift is causing. I wrote briefly about my thoughts on how we spend too much time on our cell phones/tablets, but I feel it goes deeper into how we are being affected with promoting too much self.

This whole “painting the perfect image of yourself” online epidemic has Got. To. Stop. In addition, I need to add that seeing all of these people comment the most rude, unhelpful,  innapropriate things {cyber bullying} is just so disheartening to where we all seem to be heading. Whatever happened to morale support? Or not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say? Get it together people. I truly hope this selfie movement moves on quickly. We could all use a lot less self and a lot more #selfless.

2 thoughts on “#StopTheSelfie”

  • Beautifully written sis! Although, I’m guilty of posting a selfie with the proper angle, lighting & filter on occasion. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you are saying! It is definitely something that causes a lot of selfishness in many ways, people getting so full of th selves as well as those who are so self concious or affected by what people think or say! I cannot even imagine growing up as a teen in this ever changing, fast paced digital world we live in, makes my head spin as I now have children of my own & are currently entering the very interesting pre teen years! Lord help me & give me wisdom as I help my kids navigate through this challenging time & help them know what is really important & what defines true beauty! #truecolors

  • LOVE IT, Mel! I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently and read an article on how selfies are contributing towards narcissism and mental illness (which I totally agree with). I think we’d all be much healthier and happier if we took the focus off our appearance and instead celebrated the natural beauty in our relationships with friends, family, and our surroundings. Let’s start an #unselfy movement!

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