Step Away from the Distracting Device


Have you ever noticed how upset you react when someone bothers you while you are deep in a Facebook post, email chain or how-to video on your phone or tablet? Have you realized that reaction is to your spouse or children? There are a million {OK I have no idea how many} articles, studies, posts and opinions out there on this topic and I also want to weigh in.

This issue of being constantly distracted really started to irritate me. My husband and I would always be half attentive to one another or worse, little M, because we were scrolling through our phone. We would start to argue which usually became a comparison match of who-thought-who was on their phone more. Did that really matter?

I decided to go out and buy a cute basket to put on our entry table that would be our “phone parking spot”. Come in the house, hang the keys, put the phone in the basket. Don’t touch it unless you get a phone call…This was the idea anyway. Here it is below, in all it’s glory. Doing it’s job with grace and beauty – until someone gets distracted {which happens way too often in my house}.

I try to be a good example and put my phone away,  but some days are harder than others. There have been days that I have perfected my plan and plopped my phone in the basket right as I walked in the door and had every intention of leaving it there, until I hear that ping…then another, and another. Before I know it, I’m sitting on the couch, hunched over, answering texts and then scrolling through Facebook… and then checking Instagram…and then going on Pinterest. All of a sudden my neck hurts and I look up and blink away the dry-eyes from staring at my screen and I realize, “oh crap – I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes – where is my family?!”

It is so essential to unplug. Whether it is because you are taking time away from your family and loved ones, or because you are taking away from quality “me time”. And your “me time” should NOT BE with your phone or tablet. It should be a moment taken, like in my top picture, where you are just with yourself and your own thoughts. A time to spend in prayer, reflection and planning. A time to appreciate life, the beauty around you and the purpose for YOU.


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