Month: January 2014

Little M’s Nursery

One of the posts that I had been excited to post about, was how we updated {the one and only room so far in our house} from a very outdated 70s decor room, to our precious little bundle’s gorgeous and calming nursery. Here was the […]

Pretzel Turtle’s

It’s that time of year again for appetizers {or is it always time for appetizers?} with the big NFL game coming up, ya know, Super Bowl?! I have a few appetizer recipes that I like to make because; a.) They are simple, b.) They are […]

Adding Fabric to Furniture – Entry Table with a Pop of Color


In trying to remain more organized, I thought that adding a cute entry table to our house would create a space that was welcoming as well as functional for a quick “drop” location. My husband was out at a local thrift shop that was having a 50% off all furniture sale and spotted a pine-colored table that he thought I would like {applause for him!} Again, I’m awwwwful at taking before pictures {I promise I will start to do better}, so I don’t have a picture of the true before. I knew I wanted to paint it white, so as soon as he brought it home, we pulled out the leftover can of white paint from M’s nursery, and painted it all white.


I loved how it looked all white and we put it out in the foyer right away so that we could start using it. I quickly learned that the paint was a bit sticky, even after it dried, and everything we put down on it left a mark. This led me to start getting creative on what I could put down to creative a surface that wasn’t as “impressionable”. I knew that I also wanted to add a fun pop of color to the top surface, and this was my chance to get wild {you know your a mom and obviously really cool, when adding “pops of color” make you feel wild}.

I went to my local craft store and started looking for strips of what I thought would be “wall paper” or even scrap book paper, when I stumbled upon the fabric section. As I walked through the fabrics and was instantly drawn to deep coral patterned cloth, I knew I had found my “pop”.

I had 2 yards cut out {because I didn’t pre-measure of course} and eye-balled that it would be plenty enough. I laid the fabric out over the table top when I got home and figured out which part of the pattern on the fabric I wanted in the center.


I took a pencil and took a rough corner sketch of each corner so that I would remember where I wanted the pattern centered. This was the idea anyways. When I took off the fabric and was ready to cut, I realized I should have measured the length and width of the top and {m e a s u r e d} the fabric according to the pattern area I wanted centered. It was late and I was so excited about adding this, I wasn’t thinking straight. I took a seamstress measuring tape and did my measurements, and then compared that to my rough corner sketches.


I had pre-cut the fabric roughly around my corner sketches so that I had a smaller piece of fabric to work with. I matched the measurements of the table with the fabric I had cut out, and did my final trim to go perfectly on the table.

Really blurry – sorry!

After the fabric was cut, I matched up the corners of the fabric with the corner of the table.


I used Mod Podge to secure the fabric on the table top. I happened to have some leftover sparkly Mod Podge which is definitely not necessary {but adds more shine!! kidding…}


I would apply a few strokes of the Mod Podge, about 4″ thick horizontally across the width of the table and then smooth the fabric over it.



After I pasted the whole table top and smoothed the fabric down, I tried to work out all of the bubbles by smoothing it out to the sides with my hand.

I wanted to put a coat of something over the fabric to protect it and add life as we actually use this piece in our house. I wanted something tougher than Mod Podge, so I went to the local hardware store and bought a can of clear wood varnish.


OK time for a disclaimer – this stuff SMELLS AWFUL! It is the strongest smell ever so PLEASE make sure that you have very good ventilation {or even go outdoors} and have proper face wear {eye wear and face mask}. I couldn’t find the protective gear in our garage and wrapped my shirt around my nose and mouth and that was not enough. I tried to get two coats over the fabric as quickly as I could! I had to air it out in the garage for almost 48 hours, and it still stunk.

I also want to add that it takes quite a lot of the wood finish to go over the fabric. The fabric seemed to soak it in pretty quickly. Otherwise this was a pretty fun and simple project! Was a nice way to add some {pop} to my entry way!


Lighted Marquee Letters

Happy 1st Crafternoon!! With the dawn of Pinterest, my inner crafter has started to emerge. I love creating things and challenging my creative side, and was so happy when my best friends wanted to instate “Crafternoons”. Being a full-time working mom, I don’t have time, […]