How do I give 100% to everyone?

Wow – we just passed the 6 month mark with our beautiful baby girl Madison, and there is so much to reflect on. For some reason, the 6 month mark was a really big deal to me. I almost wanted to throw a party! {I refrained for the big “One”} 6moAlthough there are million things to reflect on, one thing that has been troubling me, is how to prioritize and give the best of me to each section in my current life. Not only am I a new momma, but I’m now a working-outside the home-full-time-momma. And then there is that whole being a wife thing – kinda important. And then the house? And pets?? I start to spiral…

How do you give 100% to everyone? How do you divvy up your time and energy in a way that is the most healthy and productive for all? I haven’t been able to figure this out, and as time FLIES by, I am left reeling going “oh my gosh I haven’t figured anything out!”

Now I know, nobody is perfect. I’m not striving for perfection here, I know that it is not attainable and I’m OK with being imperfect. It’s honest, reality and just what needs to be done. But how do I go about organizing my time to benefit everyone {including little ‘ol me?!}

I never give myself enough, I never give my daughter enough, I never give my husband enough, I never give our pets enough, I never give our house enough, I never give GOD enough {a small prayer before dinner and before bed – WAY too little}. What is the best remedy? I need to give myself more {I would love to find time to exercise!}, I need to give my husband more, and before all things, I really need to give God more.


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