Location, location, location!

Location – the perfect setting, the great view of the mountains, the sea-breeze and epic sunset, the farm in the background…whatever setting you are envisioning to make your event perfect, there are going to be a few key things to consider before you book your dream location.


Since at this point, you should have already narrowed down your total number of guests, you should have a rough total estimate of the amount of people that you want to invite. This is essential when picking a location. You don’t want to have invites out to 100 people, if you have picked a location that only holds 50 people comfortably!

It’s good to think of a few key factors to ask or research about a location:

  1. How many people can the location hold?
  2. Do they allow outside catering and alcohol?
  3. Are you able to come in early to decorate?
  4. What are the time or noise restraints?
  5. What are the busiest seasons, blocked dates, or no availability?
  6. Do they offer cheaper rates for a Friday event, vs a Saturday event?
  7. Do they include tables, chairs, linens, anything else?

These questions will get you started in the right direction to narrow down your results for picking a location. It is a great idea to visit the location, if you are able to, so that you can see details that weren’t captured in pictures. This will also help you in planning your decor, figuring out the layout of tables and chairs, and other visual details that you need to plan.

The location sets the stage to give you and your guests the most memorable time, and wherever you choose will always have a special place in your heart.


What did you think of this? Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments!