Get your Guests in order


When you are at the beginning phases of planning an event, the first thing to figure out is the guest count. Whether the event is big or small will play a huge factor in how easy this major step can be. If you are planning a small birthday party or a bachelorette party, for example, this step will be easier than planning a wedding guest list.

But whatever the size of the event, this step is the most important because it effects every other part of your planning. When you determine how many guests will be invited to your event, that will secure where you can have it, what you need to plan in your budget, and how many gift bags, favors, party hats, food & catering, etc. you will need.

It is best to start big here and then get more defined. Think of everyone that you would want to come, from each side of the family or friends circles (if you need to include multiple groups of people). Once you have this list down, you can either choose to keep the list as-is (if your budget and location have space for this) or choose to start going through this list with a more conservative number of people in mind.

It can be really hard to take people off of your guest list, but if you must, you can break the list apart into the immediate family, extended family, closest friends, close friends, colleagues, etc. so that it can be easier to cut the list down, knowing you are protecting your closest guests.

Try not get too concerned and overwhelmed about hurting people’s feelings {my most difficult thing!} because in the end, you need to worry most about the meaning of the event and those that are the closest to you {and your family if applicable} to be there to cherish this special time.


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