Our first child {Tito}

As I had mentioned in my Meet Melissa section, I am a mother to 1, but 4 if you count all the pets. I looooove pets. I used to want to be a veterinarian until one {lovely} woman tried to give a bunch of 11-year-olds “the real-world picture of being a veterinarian” and decided to show us slide after slide of dead puppies. Is that really what it’s all about, crazy lady lovely woman? That quickly turned me off from my childhood dream of getting to play with said puppies all day as a career, but it didn’t take me away from my general love for animals.

When I was living out of my sorority my Senior year of college, I decided that it was time to be an adult and get my “first child” – an orange tabby cat. I had always wanted an orange tabby cat; {I had an obsession with Garfield – like “I made a Garfield and Odie etch-a-sketch masterpiece that I refused to erase” – kind of love}. We picked the cat up from a city a bit out of my college town, from a crazy cat woman fellow cat lover. She had about 10 adult cats and many random kittens crawling around her “house”. We also got to meet her two grandchildren, adorned with their own personal haircuts, who informed us that there were a few dead cats under the “house”. Instead of saying, “thanks but no thanks”, I scooped up one of the kittens, thinking how heroic I was for saving at least one, and we left. Insert Tito:tito3

Tito, teets-mageets, devil-cat, that thing, terror, tito-bandito – he is a special breed. No, literally, we found out that he is part Ocelot. Like part wild animal. No wonder he is nutso so special.

Tito, as crazy as he is, I love him to pieces. He is very unpredictable, which we are watching closely with the new {human} child, but so far he wants nothing to do with her. I think our newest {fur} baby Gunner is giving him enough torture, that he has learned to seclude himself away from us all {must be nice to be a cat}.

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