Five {5} Categories for a Successful Event

When you have a big, or even small, event looming in front of you, it all looks extremely overwhelming when you are staring at the big picture. The best way to tackle this event so that it is a success, is to break it out in to these {5} categories and complete the planning for each category before moving onto the next one.

Break the event out into these five categories:


Each category is numbered in the order of priority. Try not to stress about all of the other details and plans until you’ve confirmed and are set on the previous one. Some category topics may be mixed in when you are trying to work through a prior one, which is of course perfectly fine {and helps to get some future planning done!} but try not to change categories until each one is completed.

BUDGET is obviously a huge factor in planning an event, and I didn’t put it as one of the main categories because once you have established these 5 categories, this will help you fine-tune your budget. You should already have a relative number in mind before diving in completely, but these categories will help you think about the major parts of the event when you do need to crunch numbers.

Another important factor, is if you plan to hire a photographer and/or videographer for your event. You can find companies and individuals that have a large range of prices and packages to offer. Shop around, ask around, and read reviews! Sometimes finding a photographer that has a style you like, but is newer to the business can be a risk — but also a great find! They are usually offering their services for less and will be so thankful that you are trusting them and letting them get more exposure {pun totally intended} that you may be surprised with the detail and care they take!

Planning any event {250 attendee wedding or 25 attendee birthday party} can be very stressful, but focusing on individual milestones will be the best bet for pulling off a successful event!

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